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School Uniform

School Uniform

The St. Mary's school uniform varies a little depending on whether your son/daughter is in Pre-Prep or the Prep school.

All girls in the Pre-Prep are expected to wear a bottle green pinafore and traditional St. Mary's cardigan and the boys are expected to wear the grey St. Mary's trousers along with the St. Mary's v-neck jumper. 

The Prep School girls are expected to wear the traditional Mckenzie tartan skirt with the St. Mary's school jumper and the boys are expected to wear grey trousers along with the St. Mary's school v-neck jumper. Blouses and other school uniform are dependant on the season.

The clothing lists are available for download by clicking on the links below.

Uniform - Female                         Uniform - Male

Our green school hoodies, school coats and Pre-Prep satchels are available from Border Embroideries - sample sizes are available to try on at the School Shop.  

Uniform can be obtained from Stevensons our school outfitters, or from the schoolshop.

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Phone: 0131 477 3922


School Shop

Our second-hand uniform shop is located in Room 1 in the FP Corridor. We would be happy to receive any items of uniform which are clean and in good condition. Please hand these items into the school office (subject to acceptance) with name tapes on for reimbursement once the item has been sold.

Please contact our helpful parent volunteer Donna Whitehead on who will be happy to assist you with your uniform requests.