About Us 
BA (Hons), PGCE (Classics English)


I have worked in the Events industry for the last ten years, running a furniture-hire company. I
have travelled throughout Scotland (from Wigtown to Wick, from Ardnamurchan to Aberdeen)
calming the nerves of frayed brides-to-be and dealing with all manners of business folk, some of
them very amenable. I have, however, had an ever-increasing desire to teach. A few years ago Mr
Harvey kindly allowed me to help out in the Art department; and then last year offered me the
chance to teach in the Classics department.

I was educated at Summer Fields School and Radley College in Oxfordshire, so the set-up here is
not just familiar, but compares favourably with some of the best establishments in the whole
country. I have been fortunate enough to be shown the ropes by a very able, patient and talented
team, and I’m looking forward to helping make Classics here at St. Mary’s, even stronger.

I live on the other side of the Eildons from Melrose (the sunny side), with my wife and two young
sons. The short commute means much more time with them, and our wiry dachshund. But it also
allows me to come to St. Mary’s to help out; to get to know the staff and the children, all of whom
have made my start here both easy, and very enjoyable!