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BEd (Middle School Assistant Tutor) Games

I originally came from a farm near Kelso and have lived in the Borders most of my life. I attended St Margaret’s School, Newington and went on to complete an SHND in Communication Studies in Aberdeen. I worked in the marketing business for a few years then decided to explore a little further afield and spent a very fulfilling and exciting year travelling in Australia and New Zealand. On my return I worked as a secretary in the Kelso firm of Crop Services and also married Robin, which meant a move to live near Lauder.

I continued to work in Kelso until the first of our three sons was born and then supported my husband by working on the farm alongside him. As our boys started playgroups and school I became increasingly involved with these groups and their school life. I felt I would like to work in a school and be more involved in educating children. I initially took up an appointment as ANA at Lilliesleaf Primary where I enjoyed the work so much and with encouragement from the wonderful staff there I applied, rather hesitantly, to Edinburgh University to study a B.ed. (Primary). The shock of being accepted soon paled into insignificance when I started the four year commute and effort to reignite my ‘learning journey’. However, I was exceptionally proud to graduate in 2004 with 1st Class Honours and I take up my first teaching post at Parkside Primary, Jedburgh and knew I had made the right choice to become a teacher! 

I loved the following three years at Parkside but left the school to take up a secondment as a Peripatetic teacher; enabling me to experience a broad range of teaching styles and school environments across the whole Borders. During this time I taught all subjects and stages within the primary school environment for varying periods of time until my secondment ended, when I took up a position at Lauder Primary where I worked for a further four years. I moved to St Mary’s in September 2014 to become Form 4 Tutor.

I had an amazing first year in the school and thoroughly enjoyed being part of the larger picture of school life; from coaching U8/9 games to squad singing competitions and the staff Christmas Pantomime (if it could be called that!). It is a joy to drive into these lovely grounds each day to come to work and be greeted by smiling, happy, polite and enthusiastic children.  I have loved being part of a very dedicated and enthusiastic staff and to watch the progress the children have made as they are take up the many opportunities available to them here at St Mary’s. In my second year at the school I moved up with the pupils to become Form 5 teacher and also to take on a new role as Middle School Curriculum Co-ordinator.