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Design and Technology

Tell me and I forget
Show me and I may remember... 
Let me do it and I "learn"
Learning through making works!!


The introduction of Design Technology at St Mary’s is a very exciting addition to the curriculum and already the lessons are buzzing with comments such as ‘This is so exciting’, ‘I can’t wait for next week’ and ‘This is such fun’.

Our Design and Technology suite is comprised of an extremely well equipped workshop, enabling our pupils to develop skills in working with Resistant Materials, Textiles, Electronics, Structures and Mechanisms, as well as being able to individualise their finished products to their own design specifications.

Our principle aim is to teach children how to develop their ideas both individually and in group activities, therefore the acquisition of skills is carefully built into a progressive and comprehensive series of projects taught by a specialist teacher from Forms 3-8. Pupils will be taught to become independent thinkers, developing skills and knowledge relating to a modern technological world. At all times they will be encouraged to become innovators, looking for opportunities and responding to them by developing ideas and making a range of products.

Through our teaching we want pupils to think about problems and solve them themselves. In many instances we are designing and making products to improve and enhance our way of life without realizing it. The essence of Design and Technology is the application of skills and knowledge to solve problems which arise from the needs of people and societies. It is also to develop a huge range of practical skills which they can then use confidently in their work. Opportunities might arise spontaneously or be planned to fit in with topics or themes.

We aim to offer the children opportunities to :-

  • Develop their designing and making skills;

  • Develop knowledge and understanding;

  • Develop skills in using tools and equipment to show competent and effective use;

  • Nurture creativity and innovation through designing and making;

  • Explore attitudes about values to the made world and how we live and work with in it;

  • Develop and understanding to technological processes, products, and their manufacture, as well as their contribution to our society.

  • Develop their capability to create high quality products through combining their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding.

A strong feature of the department will be the displays of recorded and practical work with photographs in the workshop to visually ‘Celebrate the Success’ of our pupil’s learning and achievements.

The ‘Mantra’ of our Design and Technology department is to ensure all pupils are proud of their work and leave the department with finished products that reflect high standards.
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