About Us 
BEd (Hons) Assistant Head, Form 8 Tutor, Maths Form 6, Geography Forms 7 and 8, Games
Having been a pupil at St. Mary's in the early 1980's, a Gap student during the 1990's and a member of the teaching staff since 2000, I feel I know St. Mary's quite well now!

Being raised on my family farm in North Northumberland, I have a love for the outdoors. I am fortunate to be able to share my enthusiasm for fishing and shooting with the children and staff at St. Mary's. Camps at Spottiswoode, clay pigeon shooting at Braidwood and fishing courses with Eoin Fairgrieve at Tweedstart in Kelso, all enable me to stay in touch with my roots. Other interests include golf, cricket, tennis, fives and pretty much anything sport orientated.

Other responsibilities at school include heading the Games and Geography departments, teaching Mathematics and occasionally donning my Assistant Headmaster hat.

I married my wife Katja in 2005 and we live in Northumberland with our three children Lilia, Xara and Alicia.