About Us 
MA (Hons), PGCE (Geography, RS, Games Form 5 Tutor, Boarding (Duty Master)
I attended the Edinburgh Academy for my entire school career, thirteen years of an all-male environment was an interesting affair, however, those years were some of the best of my life.

In my final years, between moments of visiting Club Sandwich on Dundas Street and quadruple periods of Geography with Mr Bryce, I maintained the schools ethos of courtesy and hard work through my responsibilities as a house prefect, the mighty 4th XV captain and Cadet Colour Sergeant in the school CCF.

Following school, in my gap year between 2009 - 2010 I decided to go to India with Raleigh International. During those two and a half months in the southern sub-continent, I built a bio gas-tank and cowshed to provide sustainable fuel for the tribal community of Ealamanna in Tamil Nadu.  I also trekked 213 Kilometres in the Volcanic Western Ghats and constructed a 5 kilometre solar powered elephant-proof fence to protect banana plantations on behalf of another tribal community.

In September 2010, I began my four-year honours course studying MA Geography at the University of Dundee. Modules of particular interest to me were Water Hazards and Risk, Geographies of Power, Migration and Ethnicity and Drug Abuse and Antisocial Behaviour. Alongside my studies, I played rugby for the university 2nd XV and was a member of the rock-climbing club. I graduated in June 2014.

During 2014, however, I moved to London to live and work with my big brother at an estate agents in Notting Hill. This helped me realise what I really wanted to do with my life which was using Geography in an environment I loved - school.

Mr Harvey took me on as Graduate Teaching Assistant in 2014 and after a year working here in Melrose, I enrolled onto the University of Buckingham PGCE course to become a teacher. I was ably squired to success through the constant help and chivying of Mr Purvis and Mrs Bell.
In the term of 2015-16, I decided to take the big step up from playing University level rugby in the centre to join Melrose RFC, where I now play regularly for their 2XV on the wing.

Melrose has become my home; I love the Borders and I love St. Mary’s. I look forward to work every day in this beautiful setting, the children are a joy to teach and the staff are fabulous. I began my career in the best place possible and look to remain here for a good few years.