About Us 
MA (Hons),PGCE (French Forms 6-8, Form 8 Assistant Tutor)
I first became interested in languages when living  near Bombay in India where I attended the village school and had to learn Hindi at the tender age of 7!

Later, as a part of my degree course, I worked as an assistante in Carcassonne in the South of France, teaching English in two collèges and tutoring at the local Chambre d'Agriculture.  My first teaching job was in Cheshire and I then moved on to a large comprehensive in Hertfordshire where I taught French to A level.  When my two children were small we had  another spell living in the South of France where I tutored in English before returning to Oxford to teach French at Oxford High School.  We moved to the Borders in 1994 and I started working at St Mary's shortly afterwards.
In 1999 I organised what was to become the annual French Trip to Dinard in Brittany.  It was exciting to see my Form 8 pupils putting their classroom French into action and finding out that it really works!  We have forged a wonderful relationship with the community of the Maison St François in Dinard and we are always welcomed like family when we return each September.  It is a pleasure to teach at St Mary's - working with small classes where every pupil has the opportunity to make a good oral contribution to each lesson is every language teacher's dream! 

Outside the classroom I enjoy reading, walking, playing solo horn with St Boswell's Band and trying out new languages during my travels!