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Our History

It is over a century since John Hamilton founded St. Mary’s school with the clear purpose of providing an education for boys that was robust in its academic aims, rigorous in its pursuit of sporting excellence and committed in its vision for an all-round education. He was, like so many of his generation, a pioneer and an innovator; someone who welcomed change and acknowledged it as being an integral part of progress and success.

St. Mary’s is now in many respects a very different place – not least because it is now a true community of girls as well as boys. But despite all the differences, to those of us charged with safeguarding the ethos of St. Mary’s, John Hamilton’s vision resonates as strongly today as it did in 1895.

Our aim today is to continue to provide St. Mary’s boys and girls with an educational experience as extraordinary as the one John Hamilton envisaged, but as fit for the 21st century and as valuable in our day as was his, over 100 years ago
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