School Structure 


In the Reception class, we aim to create a happy, active and stimulating environment, building on the super start pupils receive in Kindergarten. The children will develop their self-confidence while enhancing their skills in all areas of the curriculum.

The day-to-day routine in Reception is varied, practical and engaging, enabling the children to take an active part in their own learning, which becomes meaningful and fun. We place a strong emphasis on learning through play, allowing children to express themselves and to consolidate their individual experiences.

Literacy and Numeracy form the basis of the curriculum, and the skills gained allow the children to develop their knowledge and understanding in Humanities, Science, R&ME and PSHE. The children are also given the opportunity to improve their IT skills, making use of computers and the Starboard on a regular basis.

In Literacy, the main focus is on learning to read and understand simple sentences while enjoying and progressing through the popular stories of the Oxford Reading Tree Reading Scheme. Simultaneously, the children are taught phonics using the Jolly Phonics Scheme to help them decode ‘cvc’ and regular words, allowing them to read aloud with accuracy. By the end of Reception, the children will have developed a comfortable and efficient pencil grip, and this control will improve their skills in drawing and colouring in. They will also learn to form lower and upper case letters correctly, and will be aware of the need to use punctuation. They will be able to write stories based on personal experience, and to write captions and lists. They even have the opportunity to write their own imaginative stories.

In Maths, pupils are introduced to sorting, matching, numbers to 10, addition to 10 and subtraction. They will learn other aspects of Maths by the time they leave Reception, including time, measure, weight, shape, and handling data. Lots of practical experiences help the learning in Maths to be meaningful and enjoyable.

In Humanities, aspects of History and Geography are accessed through the following topics: Myself, Weather, Toys, and People Who Help Us. Visits to and from members of the local community bring topics to life for the children, and help them to develop into responsible citizens.
Pupils in Reception have the opportunity to develop their skills in Art, Music and Drama, PE and Games with our specialist teachers. They learn to work as a team, as individuals and to find out where they may have hidden talents.

By the end of the year, the children will have the necessary skills and understanding to enable them to progress with their learning as they move into Form 1. There are plenty of opportunities for parents to talk to the class teacher about their children, something we encourage.


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