School Structure 


The core subjects this year will be English, Maths, Science, History and Geography.
Over the course of the year for Maths the class will work through the Heinemann 5 Scheme of work.
The children will focus on the following topics:

Place value
Properties of number
Length, weight, time
Data handling
A strong emphasis will be placed on the learning of times tables which will help enormously in the daily learning of the concepts. The children will work towards elements covered in the 11+ syllabus.
In English the children will complete the Junior English Book 2 which is geared towards the 11+ syllabus.  Children will be encouraged to take part in lots of discussions, developing their skills at speaking clearly, contributing to and developing their own confidence.  The children will also work on their speaking and performing skills at their drama lesson each week and during class assemblies.  In addition to this, the class will develop their existing skills of listening to one another. Throughout the year the children will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge of punctuation/grammar and spelling rules.  For written work the children will build on their comprehension skills and complete exercises to check their understanding of texts.  A strong emphasis will be placed on reading and the children will be heard at least twice a week by the class teacher.  The children will write fiction and non-fiction texts, reports, write notes on topic work and letters. 
For Science the children will be studying the following topics; Nutrition, Changing Materials, Variation and Classification, Electricity, Green Plants, Light and Classifying Materials. The children will set up experiments, make predictions, carry out experiments, make observations and record their findings in different ways.  
For Geography the children will begin the year by looking at Water in the Landscape, including investigating rivers and coastal features.  The children will go on their annual walk along the River Tweed to explore the local area and make observations.  The class will move on to studying Weather around the World.  
For History the children will be studying the Romans and the Victorians.  To bring the topics to life the children will go on the Trimontium walk where they will take on the role of a Roman solider, in addition to visiting New Lanark Heritage Centre and Bowhill House. 
Maths, English, Science, Geography and History will be assessed in November and May to check children’s progress and level of understanding.  
The class will be taught by specialist teachers for PE, Art, D&T, Music, Drama, French/German and Latin.
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