St Mary's Choirs

Junior Choir

This group is open to all children in Forms 3 and 4 and meets on a Friday lunchtime for a half hour session. The group is led by the Director of Music with membership being voluntary. We are delighted however that the vast majority of Form 3 and 4 pupils do choose to attend Junior Choir.

The children gain technical skills in breathing, posture, diction and simple part singing while learning a wide variety of repertoire across a range of genres and topics.

Public performance is encouraged wherever possible at events such as the annual Carol Service, Summer Concert, assemblies and within the local community.

Senior Choir

The Senior Choir meets on a Tuesday lunchtime and is open to all pupils in Forms 5 – 8. The Choir is led by the Director of Music and boasts a very healthy membership of Senior pupils.

Senior Choir builds upon the performance skills covered in class music lessons and at Junior Choir. Two and three-part harmony is a focus within this group of more experienced musicians.

Opportunities for public performance are sought throughout the year and are ever-increasing.

New members are always welcome in both Choirs.

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