There are few schools who can boast such an idyllic setting for cricket as St. Mary’s. As the main sport in the summer for the boys, cricket at St. Mary’s encapsulates the good sportsmanship and tradition that the sport demands.

Whilst the U9s play Kwik cricket, the U11s and 1st XI play hard ball and all boys in the school are given opportunities to represent the school in competitive fixtures.
We pride ourselves on our hospitality at St. Mary’s and are a popular destination for touring sides from both sides of the border. Matches are usually on Wednesdays, though a degree of flexibility allows us to accommodate traveling and local teams.

As well as grass nets, the school now boasts an all-weather strip, a mobile net and a bowling machine courtesy of our Former Pupils’ Club. These have not only proved popular (with pupils and staff!) but are now integral to the development of cricket at St. Mary’s.

Fathers’ v Sons’, the squad match and the single wicket competition are all highlights in the calendar.

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