300px-LatinLetterslingua Latina pars gravis curriculi manet. ‘Latin remains an important part of the curriculum’ at St. Mary’s, and that sentence illustrates one of the reasons: every word has an English derivative. The English language has many other formative influences but Latin remains one of the greatest; learning even a little of the language has a beneficial effect upon one’s English.

The other reasons for studying Latin have been well rehearsed:
• It assists with the study of modern languages such as French, Spanish and Italian.
• It encourages clear thinking, accuracy and attention to detail.
• It provides a better understanding of the history of Britain and the development of our culture.
• The Greek Myths and Legends are wonderful stories and an important part of ‘General Knowledge’.
• Above all, believe it or not, it is fun!

Children at St. Mary’s receive a gentle introduction to Latin, life in Ancient Rome and Greek myths in Forms 3, 4 and 5. From Form 6 onwards the focus is on the Latin language. Pupils receive a firm grounding so that on leaving at the end of Form 8 they are well able to achieve good results at Common Entrance and Scholarship examinations and have covered much of the work required of G.C.S.E. and Standard Grade.

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