School Structure 

Middle School

Pupils join the Middle School in Form 3, usually when they are 7 years old. Here, the school day is slightly longer finishing at 4.00 pm, rather than the 3.00 pm finish in the Pre-Prep.

In addition to the longer school day, pupils in the Middle School engage fully with our games programe. This means games sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons; rugby and cricket for the boys and hockey, netball and rounders for the girls.

As part of the Prep School, there is an increased emphasis on encouraging pupils to become independent learners. Here, we are interested in teaching children not just what to learn but how to learn. We also want to encourage children to begin to develop the skill of self-assessment, so that they can learn to monitor their own progress in various different areas of school life.

The teaching in the Middle School follows the primary pattern of the Pre Prep with a class teacher for the core subjects, including ICT, supported by specialist teachers for Art, Music, Drama, PE and Modern Languages.

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