Music Department

Music is at the heart of the St Mary’s School Creative Arts programme.  Resources include 10 Yamaha keyboards, 10 acoustic guitars, two drum kits, orchestral instruments, recorders for every pupil, a 20 piece Samba Band set, Roland digital piano, Yamaha digital piano and a Steinway grand piano amongst others.


Through the core strands of Performing, Composing and Listening we aim to:

•    Develop an awareness of pitch and rhythm from an early age
•    Develop solo performing skills on a variety of instruments
•    Develop group performing skills in a variety of ensembles
•    Explore and understand the history of music
•    Understand notation and use this in performance and composition
•    Contribute to the positive ethos of St Mary’s School through performance

Programme of Study

All students from Lower Kindergarten to Form 8 attend weekly music lessons with a specialist teacher.  There is an emphasis on vocal work throughout the school and an integrated approach to Listening and Composition.  In Kindergarten pupils are able to experiment with a variety of percussion instruments with right hand keyboard skills being introduced in Lower Transition.  Form 3 pupils are given their own recorder which they study throughout the Prep School along with Keyboard, Guitar (from Form 6) and Drumkit (from Form 7).

Several extra-curricular activities are on offer to Prep School pupils including Junior Choir, Senior Choir, Samba Band and Orchestra.  Pre-Prep pupils have their own weekly Samba Band rehearsal which they may opt to attend.

Children can also opt to study an instrument with one of our nine peripatetic staff covering a broad range of disciplines including piano, percussion, violin, clarinet, saxophone, flute, recorder, guitar, clarsach and bagpipes.

Music plays an important part in the school calendar of events with our annual Christmas Service, Summer Concert, Squad competitions, Kindergarten and Pre-Prep recitals, the Pre-Prep production, Nativity play, Middle School and Upper School musicals.
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