Hockey has been a major strength at St. Mary’s for many years. Played by the girls, we run a team in each year group, allowing all girls opportunities to represent the school in competitive fixtures.

At St. Mary’s hockey is played in both the Michaelmas and Lent terms and is predominantly played on grass, although we often train on the school’s all weather pitch. We also make use of the newly refurbished Tweedbank atsroturf (which is 5 minutes away) for both training purposes and matches.

Matches are usually on Wednesdays, although there are a few weekend tournaments throughout the season.

As well as in our games programme hockey is also covered in PE, where all children throughout the school are encouraged to further develop their stick skills and their perception and understanding of the game.

Some girls at the top end of the school are also selected for the Dandylions team and we are proud to lay claim to the ‘A’ team captains in both hockey and netball in recent years. 

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