"There is no subject so old that something new cannot be said about it." (Fyodor Mikhailovich)

History is the old coin a grandfather gave; the castle explored; the weapon viewed in the museum; the old water mill at Preston; the painting viewed in the Scottish Art Gallery; and a million other things.

At St Mary's pupils are encouraged to understand history by picturing themselves in the time being studied. They are invited to feel the fear of a Londoner during the blitz, the elation of a Scottish soldier at Bannockburn, the despair of a parent during The Black Death.

All the topics covered from Form 3 through to Form 8 will stimulate debate, enhance knowledge and facilitate learning about the past, the present and indeed give an insight into the future.

The learning of History is encouraged through a variety of teaching and learning styles. By Form 8, pupils will be evaluating sources and writing essays at a standard conducive to success in CE and Scholarship, which leads naturally to G.C.S.E. and Standard Grade History and beyond.

Most important of all, pupils will be encouraged to enjoy this enlightening and stimulating subject. 

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