February 2018

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Half Term Holiday
Half Term Holiday
 18 - Today
8:25am School resumes
8:30am SMT Meeting
5:00pm Board of Governors Meeting
2:00pm AGM & Board of Governors...
2:15pm 1st Netball v Fettes
2:15pm 2nd Netball v Fettes
2:15pm U8 Netball v Fettes
2:15pm U9 Netball v Fettes
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1:40pm Squad Cross Country
8:30am SMT Meeting
1:00pm 1st Netball Tournament v...
1:00pm U11 Netball Tournament v...
2:15pm U8 Netball v Loretto
2:15pm U9 Netball v Loretto
2:30pm 2nd Netball v Loretto
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 1 March
Form 5 Maths Fun Day,...
4:15pm Forms 3 & 4 Tutor/Parent...
1:30pm 1st Hockey v Aberlour
1:30pm 1st Rugby v Aberlour TBC
7:00pm Former Pupil Dinner
2:30pm IAPS Cross Country
4:15pm Form 3 Tutor/Parent Meeting
4:15pm Form 5 Tutor/Parent meetings
5:15pm Forms 6 & 7 Tutor/Parent...
Rawthey Run - new date
8:30am SMT Meeting
10:00am Form 5 Trip to Dynamic Earth
2:00pm Stay, Play and Learn -...
4:15pm Form 4 Tutor/Parent Meetings
2:00pm 2nd Netball v Craigclowan
2:00pm U10A Netball v Longridge
2:00pm U11B Netball v Longridge
2:00pm WOSPS v Dandylions Netball...
2:30pm 1st XV Rugby v Earlston HS
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Team Maths Challenge
9:30am George Watsons P7 Hockey...
1:00pm Mowden Hall Rugby 7s
Form 4 Trip
8:30am SMT Meeting
5:15pm Form 8 Tutor/Parent Meetings
2:00pm 2nd Netball v Riley
2:15pm 1st Netball v Riley
2:15pm U10 Netball v Ardvreck TBC
2:15pm U11A Netball v Riley/Ardvreck
2:15pm U9 Netball v Ardvreck
3 more events on this day
Form 6 Teams Maths Challenge
District 11 IAPS Geography...
Full cast rehearsal- Me and My...
9:00am Reception Class Trip
9:00am Kilgraston Hockey Tournament