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Bursaries are available each year to a number of pupils who would otherwise be unable, without financial assistance, either to come to St. Mary's or, if financial circumstances change, to complete their education at St. Mary's. All awards, which are means tested using a formal statement of financial circumstances, are made at the discretion of the Bursary Committee.

For further information about the Bursary process please contact the School Bursar, Mrs Fiona Tait, on 01896 824061 or email


St. Mary’s is able to offer means-tested bursaries to a number of pupils who would not be able to attend the school – or continue their education here, in the case of a change in circumstances – without financial assistance.

What is less well-known is that there are also charitable trusts which make grants to families who have a genuine need of assistance with independent school fees.

The SCIS (Scottish Council of Independent Schools) has created a document listing the relevant trusts (available here). The Council advises that the financial assistance available usually falls into two categories:

* Assistance in cases where a pupil may have to leave their independent school at a critical time in their education due to an unforeseen change in family financial circumstances, for example, due to serious illness or a death.

* Assistance in cases where a pupil is not currently attending independent school, but would benefit from doing so due to their needs being unmet elsewhere. This category also includes assistance for potential boarders who would benefit from being distanced from an unsuitable home environment.

Each trust has a specific set of eligibility criteria, and guidance notes should be followed closely when submitting an application. Most trusts provide an application form, whilst some require a letter of application, usually restricted to one side of A4 paper.

The SCIS has published a further document, Meeting the Cost of School Fees, which also contains useful information.

SCIS Homepage:

SCIS Telephone: 0131 556 2316