U9A  and U9B Netball v Cargilfield
Wednesday 12 January 2022


Our first match of the season and for all the girls their first for St Mary’s. The chance for them to put their newly learnt netball skills into practice.
The girls quickly realised the importance of utilising the whole court and looked for spaces to move into. Throughout the game there was examples of quick passing, super interceptions and accurate shooting. The link between the St Mary’s defence and attack worked well and the GS and GA took every opportunity to shoot. The girls  were quick to pick up their opposite position and stay with them, and all the girls reacted quickly when having to change from an attacking stance to a defensive one. An excellent start to the season.
Annie (C), Bene, Clarissa, Grace, Harriet, Holly, Lizzie, Lottie, Mary and Stella.
Final score - St Mary’s 7 – Cargilfield 3
A lovely match to umpire and watch, well done girls.
Mrs R Routledge

netball U9B Cargilfield

The girls were excited to play their first ever netball fixture against Cargifield on Wednesday afternoon. It was a tiring match against a strong opposition who had a very strong Goal Attack but our girls played well and as the game went on we managed to find spaces on the court where we could pass the ball from one another and get it to our attacking end. All of the girls played brilliantly and it was great to see their understanding of the game and its rules progress from quarter to quarter. Heather, Emilia and Mairi-Suzanne made some great cuts into space when asking for the ball alongside Rose (C) who managed to get into space when we took a centre pass. Maisie and Sophie defended brilliantly, jumping up to try and stop the ball while Tilly T and Heidi both did brilliantly in their role as Goal Keeper, keeping the Cargifield shooters under pressure. Tilly L worked hard in attack to receive the ball and managed a great pass to Emily who scored our impressive first goal of the season.
Final score - St. Mary’s 1, Cargifield 10
Well done girls!

Miss Burn

netball U9A Cargilfield

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