U9 Hockey v Belhaven Hill


 The Form 4 girls were excited to be travelling away this week to Belhaven for the match. 
This week’s team captain Grace won the toss and chose first push back.  As they had in previous matches the girls quickly got into stride and utilised the full pitch during the first half.  Skills practiced in training were again put into practice, passing before the ball before being tackled and moving into space.  In the second half the girls changed positions adapting quickly to their new roles, communicating well and accurately passing and receiving the ball. Final score St Mary’s 8  - Belhaven 0


It was a lovely game to watch and umpire, well done Bene (2), Grace (C, 1), Holly (3), Lizzie, Lottie (1), Mary, Stella (1). 
Mrs R Routledge and Bea Mitchell

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