Form 5 Visit to Trimontium Museum 

On Wednesday morning, Form 5 visited the excellent Trimontium Museum. 

We were met there by Mr Rob Longworth who gave the class an overview of the Roman garrison in the huge camp at Newstead.

  • Who knew that Rome's Emperors Severus had marched to the Forth at the head of a huge army of 40,000 men?
  • Who knew that polished signal discs had near-instantaneously flashed messages between the Eildons and York, hundreds of miles to the South?
  • Who knew that the great garrison had been overrun in a second century rebellion leading to the huge archaeological finds of equipment abandoned as the Romans fled from the Borders?

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We found out all this and more as Mr Longworth marched us through Roman history from the camp's establishment in 80AD to its abandonment hundreds of years later.

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The huge array of archaeological finds and modern reconstructions (physical and digital) gave us a fascinating insight in to the lives of both the Roman garrison at Trimontium and the local peoples they interacted with.

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It really was a wonderful visit and we remain, as ever, extremely grateful to Mr Longworth and the Trimontium Museum Trust for an amazing experience.