Form 4 Trip to Bowhill 

Thursday 24th June 2021

Form 4 had a truly fabulous day at Bowhill on Thursday.  We were shown the Victorian Ice House where the servants would fill the massive dome with ice from the loch. This would last until the following winter when they would do it all again. On top of the ice they would then store lots of the fresh produce they had grown on the Estate. The servants would have to walk down to collect the food as it was needed by the chef.  The children loved seeing inside this hidden cave and looking down to the bottom and hearing the echoes of their voices.  

Bowhill 1

bowhill 2

Bowhill 4

bowhill 5

bowhill 6

bowhill 7

We also had great fun  building the most fabulous dens. The dens were fantastically camouflaged and all six of the team members fitted inside, quite comfortably.  Mr Inwood and Miss Amado had to take up the challenge too, of course… until their den was attacked by marauding Form 4s! After enjoying the hearty lunch that Cheffy and his team had provided for us they spent wonderful free time in the magic park.  I thought this would wear them out entirely as I watched them run higgldy piggeldy, trying out each thing, again and again. Even Mr Inwood and Miss Amado took this opportunity for a seat in the shade!  However, this lively bunch of children still had energy for playing tig as we walked around the loch on our way back to the bus.

bowhill 8

bowhill 9

Video 1
Video 2
Huge thank you to Michael Paton from Bowhill Estate for his time and knowledge as we went around.  Also the biggest thank you to Miss Amado and Mr Inwood for joining us and playing all day, oh yes and helping us all too!
Linda Runciman