4th June 2021

We focused on a most resilient and positive personality in assembly on Monday morning.  Her attitude is one that we can all learn from, especially if we are prone to bouts of self-pity.
Edita Butkeviciute who came to work as a beautician in Scotland from Lithuania, was involved in a most horrendous accident in Aberdeen in December 2019.  She was struck by a sofa that was jettisoned from a rooftop by people unaware there was somebody below.
Recent coverage of this story involved a BBC interview with Miss Butkeviciute who is hugely grateful to the surgeons and medics who saved her life.  Her focus now is pure joy and gratitude that she is alive and gaining in fitness with each day that passes.  She holds no bitterness to the two men who made such a careless error that had instant life changing consequences for her.  In fact, she was pleading on behalf of the two men that the authorities show leniency.  Quite a lady.
Ahead of our middle school assessment process, this seemed an apt way of reminding pupils that a sense of proportion is always valuable and worth having.  The assessment week is hugely demanding for all concerned; staff, pupils and indeed parents, but sensible, measured and calm negotiation of the process is the key.  It is pleasing to report as I write on Friday, that evidence of that very approach has been prevalent throughout the middle school, and is also apparent among our senior pupils ahead of their exams next week.
The splendid fixture programme that went ahead on Wednesday with Belhaven proved an absolute joy.  Whether home or away, won or lost, pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience of competitive matches, and all had beaming smiles reflecting the semi-normal return to a Wednesday routine.  Much needed!
This morning, Form 1 visited Thirlestane Castle and we are hugely grateful to the Maitland-Carews for their invitation and hospitality.  Reports from a tired bunch of Form 1 pupils suggest they had a wonderful trip to one of Scotland’s most picturesque castles.
Finally, we were thrilled to hear the news that Skye in Form 8 has been awarded a Sports Scholarship to Fettes College.  We are all very proud of Skye for her achievement.
May the sun continue to shine over the weekend, but take a breather for Common Entrance next week!

Jules Birdsall, 04/06/2021

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