U11B Cricket v Belhaven

Wednesday 2nd June 2021

U11B Cricket 2nd June 2021 jb

It was a splendid day for our first cricket fixture in almost two years, with a cool breeze and consistent sunshine.

The U11Bs were absolutely champing at the bit to get stuck in and, with our two legendary bats equipped, ‘The Black Widow’ & ‘The Custodian’ we batted first putting in a robust score of 90 runs. It was an absolute treat watching the boys step up to the mark, delivering many monster ‘4’s and making some ambitious and spicy runs – looking after those small points is a key part of our game plan and we executed it well on the day, indeed!

Belhaven fielded well and they made a handful of banging catches which kept us pinned below the 100 mark, which would prove to be our downfall when we moved onto the second innings.

Belhaven batted second and they put in an almighty chase! Similarly to us, cultivating on the small runs to keep them afloat, with the occasional boundary giving them intermittent boosts. We gathered a couple of wickets, but just not enough to widen the gap, and it came down to the last over where we were neck and neck. However, two neat runs tipped Belhaven over the edge and ended up victorious.

It was a marvellous competition demonstrating a high standard of cricket along with superb sportsmanship. A big thank you to Angus and his boys for hosting us so well, and we can’t wait to see them all again next year for some rugby.

Mr Brown

Jules Birdsall, 03/06/2021

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