2nd Rounders v Belhaven 

Wednesday 2nd June 2021
Captain: Bea E

2nd Rounders 2 June 21 jb

First Innings
St. Mary’s batted first with Belhaven fielding. Lily T was one of the first to hit the ball and score a rounder on ball 10 this was followed by Lily BJ missing the ball but getting all the way around and scoring a half. Finally, Freya and Beattie both scored a rounder each. There were a lot of misses but girls stayed positive and encouraged one another. 
Belhaven were stronger at hitting the ball but St Mary’s fielders were catching and stumping players out. Belhaven mainly scored on half rounders with one obstruction.
Second Innings
St. Mary’s played better in the second innings. The girls scored multiple time through missing the ball but making it to 4th post. This time around the team was a lot better at hitting; almost everyone hit it at least once! This resulted in nearly double the score gained in the first innings. 
Belhaven managed to get more rounders due to our silly fielding mistakes (dropping the ball or miscommunication.) However, when the girls did communicate they stumped many of Belhaven’s players put out – all 9 players were  out by ball 28. 
Both teams scored the same in the Second Innings and so the First Innings was the decider. 
First innings:               St Mary’s-3.5        Belhaven-5.5
Second innings:          St. Mary’s-6.5       Belhaven-6.5
Final score:                  St. Mary’s-10         Belhaven-12
Corrine McQuillan

Jules Birdsall, 03/06/2021

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