Live Link with Monastic School

There was great excitement this Monday as F7 prepared to have their first live link with Kunal and his pupils from the Monastic School, Janakpur, Nepal! Kunal and his class are all in full lockdown at the moment, so we saw lots of faces on the screen, similar to our time on Teams last term. There were the occasional breaks in conversation, but we managed to chat and start the process of getting to know each other.
We introduced ourselves, shared some of our concerns about climate change as well as some art work we had done in environmental studies and then asked some questions such as ‘What is the weather like where you are?’. The Nepalese children were really amused by our cool, wet summers as they live in a very hot and humid area of Nepal where temperatures can reach 45C in the summer. Our children were so impressed by the quality of the Nepalese pupils’ English and with how polite and positive they were. We also found out that the boys love cricket and the girls enjoy skipping.
Madam Bruce, Miss McRae and Mr Rawson also joined us in the lab and it was a very sociable and fun way to start our week. We will continue to work as a group throughout the Climate Action project, but hope to continue the friendship well beyond the October deadline!

nepal live link May 21

Mrs M Stuart


Jules Birdsall, 28/05/2021