You will remember that in November we displayed poppies in our windows to help us look back and remember. A new year sees us looking forward and what could be more perfect than the humble daffodil reminding us to look towards brighter days ahead?

Rainbows filled our windows back in the first lockdown and now you may well spot some golden or even rainbow daffodils popping up in windows around the Borders. The children of St. Mary’s have designed some gorgeous daffodils ready to place in their windows to raise the spirits of all who see them. These are just a few examples to share with you but keep your eyes peeled as there could soon be a cheery display in a window near you.

Artists of St. Mary’s………. Keep up the good work!

Ms. Wood

Daffodil Bea Form 8
Bea E

Daffodil Charlotte Form 7

Daffodil Emily Form 7
Emily D

Daffodil Iona Form 8

Daffodil Kate Form 8

Daffodil Kira Form 6

Daffodil LIly T Form 7
Lily T

Daffodil Sophie Form 8
Sophie E

Daffodils Archie Form 8


Jules Birdsall, 22/01/2021