Christmas Cards

This year as well as sending festive cheer in the cards that we write to our nearest and dearest we decided to send cards to local older people living in care homes.

There are 50,000 older people living in care homes across Scotland and we have 18 homes in the Scottish Borders. Thanks to Stephanie Logan, who works in this sector we were able to receive 138 names of older, local people. All of the children from Reception to Form 8 designed a beautiful card and then wrote a lovely personal message to their older person. We hope that this sends a little message of optimism and goodwill at this time of year. Who knows we may have some new pen pals in 2021!

Ms Wood

Christmas cards 2020 designs

Christmas cards 2020 Lachlan

Christmas cards 2020 Tiggy



Jules Birdsall, 16/12/2020