Final Poppy Round-Up

2020 will be a year that is remembered for all sorts of reasons but it shouldn’t be the year that we forgot about Remembrance. That certainly was our intention as we embarked on a block of work in the art studio with Remembrance very much at the heart of everything that we were doing.

Pre prep made small paper poppies and produced some terrific drawings of WW1 soldiers.

Photo 1 poppy 2020 Gabriella F
Gabriella (Form 1) WW1 portrait of a soldier 

In the middle school we painted some super poppy pictures.

Photo 2 poppy 2020 F3 Annie Po
Annie (Form 3)

Photo 3 Poppy 2020 Geordie

And of course the senior pupils really put their shoulder to the wheel to produce our giant paper poppies.

Photo 4 Poppy 2020 William

Photo 5 Poppy 2020 Lily

Photo 6 Poppy 2020 Mathilda

Photo 7 poppy 2020 Anna and Jo

Photo 8 Poppy 2020 Kirsty and

In amongst this flurry of activity we were able to take a little breath and consider what Remembrance means to all of us at St. Mary’s. Form 8 were touched by the tale told by Ian Forsyth (a WW2 soldier) recorded by Poppy Scotland’s education department for a project that brings veterans voices to us.

Kate, Ally and Tiggy captured the thoughts of all of the Form 8’s with these considerate words.

We must Remember the young men who gave their futures for coming generations.
We must Remember those whose eyes saw the devastation and loss yet carried on.
We must Remember the families who stayed at home and lost those dearest to them.
We must Remember Remembrance.
For if we Forget then we will be destined to make the same mistakes.

Form 5 were our able salespeople who along with Mr. Brown, Mr. Rooney and myself took to Melrose High Street to drum up some interest in our giant paper poppies. Mindful of social distancing and remaining in our Form 5 bubbles we were delighted to find that the business people of Melrose were enthusiastic supporters of our idea.

Photo 9 Poppy 2020 Form 5

Now the production line of our own little poppy factory went in to full throttle. Well done, to all of the children and staff who worked in harmony to produce so many poppies.

Photo 10 poppy 2020 Bea

The idea of displaying a poppy in a window struck a chord with Form 5 who realised that our good friends at Priorwood Court wouldn’t be out and about this year to appreciate our poppies. With this in mind Form 5 decided to make them their own indoor poppy gardens which we were delighted to deliver to Priorswood Court.

Photo 11 Poppy 2020 Poppy Gard

Of course, the St. Mary’s community got firmly behind us and we are so grateful to everyone who ordered a poppy as our creations sprung up all around The Borders and beyond.

Photo 12 poppy 2020 simply del
photo by courtesy of Mr Douglas Hardie

We were able to raise £1,180 for Poppy Scotland all from a little tissue paper, card, and many willing hands!

Ms. Wood
Local newspaper report

Jules Birdsall, 16/11/2020