8th May 2020

Mr Harvey’s assembly this week came from the Hamilton Building.  His colourful attire, having had his photograph taken for the school rainbow photo montage, was finished off with some interesting footwear in the form of Star Wars trainers!  Mr Harvey talked about the Jedi principle, meaning ‘Just Do It’ and keeping this in mind on days when we are perhaps struggling to find the motivation we need - he assures me he is not taking any payment from any particular sports clothing company!  Continuing on the ‘May the fourth be with you’ theme, the Murphy brothers were hot on Mr Harvey’s heels with their renditions of the Grand March from Star Wars played on the piano for their Form classes.
Once again, we have had the pleasure of watching a number of videos from our Form 8 pupils this week.  Their motivational messages and tips for coping with life in lockdown have ranged from eating healthily, getting regular exercise and getting out in the great outdoors to inspirational baking ideas and tips for being organised.  We appreciate their contribution greatly and hope that it offers comfort to children throughout the school to see their friendly and familiar faces.
It is wonderful to see many of the children taking the initiative to start projects with the aim of involving others.  Freya and Emily in F6 made a podcast this week for their Form class all about space while Head Girl Imo has started her Instagram page surviving_in_the_kitchen.  If you are an Instagram user then I would encourage you to follow the page and perhaps get your children (or yourself) involved in the challenges she sets.  It is evident that while our children continue to work hard in their studies, they are also learning how to cope in difficult times by reaching out to, helping and creating opportunities for others.
There seems to have been a popular theme throughout the school this week with regards to baking and cooking!  Our Kindergarten News page on Edmodo has been full of fantastic foodie delights with children involved in all sorts of baking activities.  Imo’s Instagram page and then Elena’s message to the school that displayed her culinary skills have left many a mouth watering.  Perhaps it is evidence of how much we miss Cheffy, Sarah, Bruce, Kerry, Angie and Emma who usually cater for our daily dietary needs!
Meanwhile Form 3 have taken part in an ‘Extreme Reading Challenge’ which has involved them reading in all sorts of interesting places and poses.  Form 4 have been launching parachutes with eggs in their basket and Maisie (F1) and Archie (KG) created a real straw house for a ‘Three Little Pigs’ science project.  Teaching and learning once again proves to be diverse across the St. Mary’s community!
As we face an extended period of lockdown, it has never been more important to take stock of our wellbeing and those around us.  Supporting everyone within the St. Mary’s community is a priority for us and we thank you all for playing your part in that.
Miss K McRae
on behalf of Headmaster

Jules Birdsall, 08/05/2020

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