Form 3 visit Hawick Museum

On Tuesday Form 3 visited Hawick Museum for an Egyptian workshop.  The class split into groups and had the opportunity to handle some real artefacts wearing special white gloves to protect the pieces.  Then they got messy and made their own clay pots and scarab beetles.  After lunch and a sneaky play in the park they really enjoyed painting with reeds on papyrus paper and making some jackal masks.  The class had a super day showing a lot of interest, asking and answering many interesting questions.  A great consolidation to the end of our topic. 

Form 3 trip

Form 3 trip 1

Form 3 Trip 2

Form 3 trip 3

Form 3 trip 4

Form 3 Trip 5

Form 3 Trip 6

Form 3 Trip 7

Thank you to Mrs Forbes for accompanying us on the day.

Mrs Kirkness


Jules Birdsall, 06/03/2020