The Enormous Crocodile Workshop 

Monday 2nd March

On Monday afternoon Pre-prep had the pleasure of welcoming Barbara from West End in Schools to School to help us celebrate World Book Week. We had chosen the book The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl as our theme for the afternoon and after a quick warm up session, work soon got underway preparing a short drama routine retelling the main points of the story.
pre prep work shop

pre prep work shop 1

pre prep work shop 2

pre prep work shop 3

Each group was split into three and the children acted out either a jungle, playground or roundabout scene, incorporating actions to portray the animals the crocodile met along the way, including the hippo, monkey, roly poly bird and finally the elephant who whizzed the enormous crocodile to the moon! All the children had a wonderful afternoon acting and dancing with Barbara.

pre prep work shop 7

pre prep work shop 5

pre prep work shop 6

pre prep work shop 8

Big thanks to Miss Renwick for organising the event.
Mrs Hutchison, Mrs Currie and Mrs Fresle

Jules Birdsall, 06/03/2020