U9A Netball v Fettes 

Wednesday 19th February 2020

The girls travelled to Edinburgh for this week’s match.  The game was outdoors and played over 4 quarters of 7 minutes.  Fettes won the toss and chose to have first centre pass.   The teams were evenly matched in the first quarter and play moved quickly from end to end, there was only one shot on goal, this was by Fettes who finished the quarter a goal ahead.

Despite the cold the St Mary’s team approached the second quarter with their usual enthusiasm and determination.  Both teams worked hard and play continued to switch between the teams.  Both teams scored 2 goals and Fettes remained a goal ahead.

The final 2 quarters saw the teams continue to battle to achieve the upper hand, with forced errors on both side due to cold fingers.  Both teams scored goals in the 3rd and final quarters leaving Fettes still in the lead by one goal. In the final minutes of the game St Mary’s went on the attack and just as they were about to shoot, the final whistle was blown denying them the opportunity to even up the score.  The girls as always worked hard and remained cheerful and focussed throughout the match despite the wind and cold.

St Mary’s 4 – Fettes 5
Well played: Aleshya, Lily, Martha (C, 2), Maia, Miranda, Ophelia and Sophie (2).

Mrs R Routledge

Marnie Harvey, 21/02/2020

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