Form 4 visit to Soupalunch

Wednesday 5th February 2020

Form 4 made a very special trip to Hawick Congregational Community Church Soupalunch project this week. Form 4 were the representatives for the Middle School children who worked so hard last term to turn the prize of £50 of fruit into smoothies, juices, kebabs and fruit salads. This effort raised an amazing £300 which the children then donated to the Soupalunch project. The children met many of the volunteers; helped to make fruit salad for the lunch and ended the visit with a rendition of two of the songs from Shakespeare Rocks, which they sang with gusto! Mr Rawson and I were very proud of the children and both really enjoyed learning more about this excellent, worthwhile project. Max was especially delighted to visit his granny, Mrs Strickland, who organised our trip and welcomed us all so warmly. We are all delighted to support this project.

soup a lunch Feb 20

soup a lunch Feb 20A

soup a lunch Feb 20B

soup a lunch Feb 20C

Mrs Runciman

Jules Birdsall, 07/02/2020