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Thursday 23rd January 2020

rawthey run Jan 20

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The 26 runners were challenged by an entirely different course to last year’s. If they thought it was tough in 2019, then they had another thing coming - this course began with a brutal incline that really did sort the wheat from the chafe; it then looped round a particularly muddy track and through a woodland, the downhill finish, which kept the Marshalls alert, was akin to a ski slope.
To their absolute credit, every single one of our runners completed the course, and I know they were delighted with themselves and for one another - team spirit and camaraderie was top notch!
With 21 schools and over 500 runners it was a frantic affair, so we really were pleased to have a complete head (and shoe!) count at the finish.
Special mention to all those who came in the top 20 in their age group: Olivia R-11 (U11G) Gregor A-10 (U11B) Daisy S-W-5, Anna B-11, Freyja H-15, Kate J-18 (U13G) and to the U13 girls team who came 2nd overall.

Mrs FK Bell

Jules Birdsall, 24/01/2020

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