Traffic Survey - Form 8

Friday 17th January 2020

F8 are currently learning about forces and as part of this topic they have been looking at friction forces, especially in relation to acceleration and deceleration. To work from a real life data set, they went onto High Street to gather information on the time it took for cars to travel 50m, converting this information into speeds back in the lab.
They planned their experiment carefully, ensuring that they had clear control variables, such as measuring the 50m stretch accurately and gathering the data the same way every time. They were also asked to plan for safe practice, considering their own safety and that of other pedestrians and road users
Using this information, we were able to calculate the average speed in km/h of cars passing in front of the school.

traffic survey Jan 20

traffic survey Jan 20 B

Mrs M Stuart

Jules Birdsall, 21/01/2020