Lecture Final

Tuesday 28th October 2019

Thank you to Reverend Blackledge for judging our Lecture Final today.   Topics included Rugby, How to have a Successful Lambing, Hamish the Polar Bear, Why is There Sand in the Desert? The Voyage of Discovery, Change, Hamsters, The Evolution of the Apple, Courage, Hordle Castle,  Heinz 57, The Golden Ratio, The History of Guiding, Sleep, Mario, the Psychotic Villain? The Battle of Thermopylae.

lecture finalists 2019

Junior School
1st: Jemima – How to have a Successful Lambing
2nd: Barney - Change
3rd: Lily - Hamsters

Senior School
1st: Mitchell - Sleep
2nd: Tiggy - The Golden Ratio
3rd: Tallulah - Courage


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Jules Birdsall, 29/10/2019