Squad Singing

Thursday 10th October 2019

The Squad Singing competition never fails to entertain and this year was no exception. 

Our squads, interspersed with very competitive staff put on performances of Electric Dreams, Kids in America, Mary’s Prayer and Walking in Memphis.  Pupils love having staff involved and, as I said in assembly this morning, we should recognise that amongst the staff there are natural entertainers (the ghost of Elvis) and there are those who do their bit for the Squad cause, despite significant stage phobia. 

squad sing

squad sing 1

squad sing 2

squad sing 3

squad sing 4

squad sing 5

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squad sing 7

Our junior soloists; Fergus C, Aleshya, Abi K and Miranda gave Mr Will Ogilvie Jones a fine introduction to the tone of the evening, and he was clearly impressed by the standard.  The step up to our senior performances also had him waxing lyrical.  Isaac S, Imo, Elena and Kirsty M held the audience beautifully as they sang their solos with skill, composure and a touch of humour in the case of Isaac.  Abi K and Kirsty M were the deserved winners of the two Findlay Quaichs.

squad sing 8
Douglas Squad - winners!

squad sing 9
Home Squad

squad sing 10
Percy Squad

squad sing 11
Scott Squad

Squad sing 15
Enthusiastic Home squad staff

squad sing 13

Jules Birdsall, 25/10/2019