Form 6 Re-enact the Battle of Stamford Bridge 25/09/1066 

In History, Form 6 have been learning about the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, where the Saxon Kingdom was under siege from many enemies. This week in particular we have been looking at the Viking Invasion, led by the formidable Harald Sigurdsson, more commonly known as Harald Hardrada. Harald, one of Europe’s wealthiest and renowned warriors, King of Norway, led an assault on Northern England - with the aid of Tostig Godwinson. They achieved an early success at the Battle of Fulford Gate against the Saxon Earl’s Edwin and Morcar. However, Harold Godwinson, King of England, marched north in only four days, making battle at Stamford Bridge, where Hardrada was slain, marking the end of an era dominated by the threat of Scandinavian forces.

Form 6 re-enacted this epic clash on the front field, watched closely by the pre-prep.

stamford bridge

"The closer the army came, the greater it grew, and their glittering weapons sparkled like a field of broken ice" - Snorri Sturluson, King Harald's Saga, Heimskringla 1177

stamford bridge 1

"Seven feet of ground for a grave, or as much more as he is taller than other men" - Harold Godwinson to Harald Hardrada and Tostig Godwinson prior to battle, 1066

stamford bridge 2

"It is said that one particular giant of a man held the bridge single-handed, felling all his attackers with swings from his battle-axe." - Anglo Saxon Chronicle, 1066

stamford bridge 3

 "The Battle became very fierce, and great numbers were killed on both sides." - Snorri Sturluson, King Harald's Saga, Heimskringla 1177

stamford bridge 4

"It was now late in the afternoon... It had grown dark before the carnage ended." - Snorri Sturluson, King Harald's Saga, Heimskringla, 1177

Mr James Brown


Jules Birdsall, 19/09/2019