Form 3 Visit the Hirsel 

Monday 3rd June 2019
On Monday, Form 3 went to the Hirsel for an outdoor science day.  We were very lucky with the weather and although a little, cold and breezy in the morning the rain stayed away and the sun came out after lunch.  We took part in two activities.  The first looking for evidence of habitats in the woods and around the lake and playing a game, which taught us about food chains.  We also identified trees by their leaves and flowers.  The other activity was walking around the lake and building our own habitats in the woods with sticks and leaves.  Thank you to Millar for joining us.  The children loved being outdoors all day. 

Hirsel trip june 19

Hirsel trip June 19 2

Hirsel trip June 19 3

Hirsel trip June 19 4

Hirsel trip June 19 5

Hirsel trip June 19 6

Hirsel trip June 19 7

Mrs Kirkness


Jules Birdsall, 05/06/2019