Reception visit Galashiels Fire Station 

On Wednesday morning, Reception went to visit Galashiels fire station with myself and Stefan. We were met by Mr Iain Poe and the White Watch team.  It was great seeing the different outfits the fire fighters have to wear on different callouts. The children even got the chance to put on mini outfits and pretend they were heading out in the fire engine.
We enjoyed seeing around the fire station. We saw their dining room (or ‘mess’), the gym, the sleeping quarters for the night shift team and the various vehicles.  We even saw a speedboat!  The children all enjoyed taking turns to sit in the cab and pretend to be real fire fighters.  

fire station 2 

fire station 1

fire station 3

fire station 6

fire station 7

fire station 4

fire station 5

fire station 7

fire station 8

fire station 10

fire station 9

fire station 12

fire station 13

fire station 16

fire station 17

fire station 14

fire station 11

Afterwards the children each got the chance to point the hose at some traffic cones with the help of Mr Poe.  Stefan was very pleased to get a shot too!
Finally, before we left, Mr Poe and his team invited us to the mess where we enjoyed some delicious snacks kindly provided by the White Watch. 
We then headed back to St. Mary’s in time for some lunch ……….. they still had room for pasta!

Thank you Mr Poe for organising a wonderful trip and thank you Stefan for coming with us.

Mrs Currie

Jules Birdsall, 31/05/2019