Form 2 visit Gunsgreen House, Eyemouth

Friday 24th May 2019

On Friday as part of their History topic ‘Smugglers’ an excited Form 2 set off to Gunsgreen House in Eyemouth. Built in 1753, the house was designed by John Adam for a local man named John Nisbet. By day, Nisbet was a local merchant, but by night he was a notorious smuggler. 
Our guide Tony read us the book ‘Secrets of the Smuggler’s House’ and before long the children were exploring all the hidden treasures. The boys and girls learnt that taxed goods such as brandy, tobacco and tea were smuggled and hidden in Gunsgreen House. It was fun finding the secret tea chute behind the walls, rifles and bottles of wine hidden in the stairway cupboards. A highlight of the trip was getting dressed in smuggler clothes and crawling through the secret fireplace. We would thoroughly recommend Gunsgreen House as a place to visit if you have a spare day in half term. Thank you to Will for coming with us. We knew he was just itching to race down to the sand and jump into the sea!


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Mrs Fresle


Jules Birdsall, 28/05/2019