Songbirds Flourishing at St. Mary's 

This year, the total number of birdboxes produced at St. Mary's passed the hundred mark.

We now have over 120 birdboxes and beeboxes both on the school campus and in the wider community. I wonder how many thousand songbirds will hatch from these boxes over the next few years?

The majority have been gifted to charities like the RSPB, Borders Forest Trust, Tweed Forum, The National Trust for Scotland and Historic Environment Scotland. We have also given a number to local schools including Melrose Primary School. We have a batch ready for delivery to Stow Primary School.

At this time of year, these boxes are home to hundreds of little birds. The boxes are an excellent substitute for the natural crevices that they normally seek out and keep them safe from the weather and predators like grey squirrels, crows, magpies and domestic cats.

Below is a picture from one of this year's batch of birdboxes showing a family of bluetits in the box on the copper beech next to Mr Bell's shed.
bluetit chicks

Also shown is the latest addition to our birdbox collection; a huge starling apartment complex! It has been made from 100% repurposed pallet wood and  camouflaged to blend in to a birch tree's bark.
IMG 6905

IMG 6906

Well done to all involved!


Tom Rawson, 28/05/2019