Form 4 enjoy Countryside Day at Kelso 

Tuesday 21st May 2019
Springwood Park

Form 4 attended the annual Countryside Day held by the Border Union Agricultural Show Committee at Springwood Park. This is a very exciting event and totally ‘hands on’ for the children. They are given opportunities to learn about all aspects of agriculture, from bandaging dogs with the guidance of vets, being auctioneers, milking cows, handling or seeing lots of different animals; ducklings, banty hens, pigs, cattle, sheep and the little and large of horses with the police Clydesdale horses patrolling the area all day and the tiniest Mini Shetland foal and it’s mother grazing happily in their pen. There were also many tractors and farm machinery on show and the process of growing crops was fully explored.  This is then expanded upon as the children could see the products which are made from our home-grown cereal crops.
It was a very hectic day to try and see as much as possible and as everything is aimed directly at their age-group the children, along with all the other P5 aged children from the Borders, were enthusiastic and curious about many of the different activities laid on just for them. The class thoroughly enjoyed their day and were polite and thankful to those who gave them so much throughout the day.
Huge thank you to the BUAS for putting on this special day and to the many who contribute to making it such a memorable and enjoyable day for both the children and the staff who attend. Thank you also to Mrs Redmond and Stephan for coming with us and looking after us so well throughout the day.

form 4 countryside 5

Form 4 countryside 1

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form 4 countryside 4

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form 4 countryside CR

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Form 4 countryside CR 4

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Form 4 countryside SR 2

Form 4 countryside SR 3

Form 4 countryside SR 4

Form 4 countryside SR 5

Form 4 countryside SR 6 

Mrs Runciman, Mrs Redmond and Stefan


Jules Birdsall, 24/05/2019