Form 3 trip to Hawick Museum

Thursday 16th May 2019

Form 3 had an amazing trip to learn more about the Egyptians.  From the moment we walked in the children were engrossed in activities.  It was the quickest 2 hours ever.  They began by canoeing down the River Nile, then splitting into smaller groups where they had the pleasure of dressing up as Cleopatra and Pharaohs.   They then became archaeologists and got to handle Egyptian artefacts, some replicas, but some were real and they had to wear gloves to protect the objects.  They finished the morning with some hands on art activities making clay pots, drawing on papyrus paper and making masks.  What a great experience and super learning environment.  Thank you Mrs Redmond for coming with us.   

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Mrs J Kirkness

Jules Birdsall, 17/05/2019