7Towns1River Tweed Clean 

During the Easter Holidays, St. Mary's staff, parents and pupils helped out at the 7Towns1River river clean on Tweed. The event was organised by St. Mary's  as part of our school's efforts to reduce plastic littering and single-use plastic consumption in the Scottish Borders. 

 7Towns1River involved synchronised litter picks along the banks of Tweed at Peebles, Cardrona, Galashiels, Melrose, St. Boswells, Kelso, Coldstream and Berwick.

On a very dreich Sunday, 196 people took part. They picked up a whopping 2,200kg of litter.

The day showed just how much waste is still being dumped into Tweed. How much more has been swept into the sea down our beautiful river. The day really brought home the message to the Borders community that single-use plastic does not just affect the beaches of Bali or albatrosses in the South Atlantic.

It is happening here and now.

We are both the cause of and the solution to this global problem.

Well done to all involved!








Tom Rawson, 02/05/2019