John Bryne Drawing Competition 

On Wednesday Hannah and William travelled up to Paisley with their families to receive their certificates from the John Byrne Drawing Competition. This event is in its fifth year and attracts a growing number of entries from schools across Scotland. Young artists from Primary 4 to Secondary 3 are encouraged by John Byrne to take up their pencils and create. More than 7,000 children were inspired to enter this year so we were delighted to hear that two St Mary’s pupils were among the winners.

john bryne

john bryne 2

It was a wonderful day which saw Hannah and William meet John Byrne who is an influential figure in British Art.

john bryne 3

john bryne 4

john bryne 5

However, more than being a great artist our St Mary’s artists also discovered that he is hugely interested in the creative experiences of a new generation. Our thanks must go to John who spent a remarkable amount of time with the young people and to Education Scotland for hosting such a memorable event.
Ms Wood

Jules Birdsall, 02/04/2019