Form 4 visit the Palace of Holyroodhouse

The rain did not affect our trip on Tuesday and Form 4 thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Palace and hearing the stories about the 6 weeks which Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed there in 1745. We saw the Great Hall where he held grand feasts and also the bed he slept in. During the tour we learned lots of history about Bonnie Prince Charlie’s family and saw huge portraits of his ancestors who had ruled Britain.

holyroodhouse 3

The children were fascinated with the huge tapestries, golden chandeliers and especially the ornate decorations in the ceilings.  These contained lots of hidden messages and were full of symbolism which the children enjoyed searching for. Curiosity was brimming out every one of the class members and they asked a host of inquisitive and interesting questions, all of which gave them more information or interesting facts to digest. One pupil was very astute in noticing scaffolding on the South Tower and when the class were asked which Tower they thought to be the oldest he replied that it had to be the North one as “They haven’t finished building that one yet!” It was a super outing and Mr Millar, Miss Kerr, Lily and I were all very proud of them. I think Lily will be persuading Will and Miss Amado to join her on a history trip to Edinburgh soon. Thank you to all three staff members for joining and helping us.


holyroodhouse 4
Mrs Runciman

Jules Birdsall, 14/03/2019