Form 5 at Dynamic Earth

On Tuesday, Form 5, myself, Mrs Routlegde and Will visited Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh for a healthy spot of Geography! We arrived – for once – well ahead of time and played a bit of “Fizz, Buzz” before being escorted down to attend out first workshop of the day, “Quake, Rattle and Roll” were Form 5 investigated some of the Earth’s many natural hazards. The team studied video footage and the impacts of Tsunamis and how to mitigate against their effects, identified real meteorites using magnets, attempted to build their own Earthquake proof structures and simulated their own tornados using water and glitter.

Following this, we had a tasty packed lunch followed by a tour of the centre, beginning at the Big Bang and ending in the Congo Rainforest where we analysed the biodiversity of one of the Earth’s great treasures.

dynamic earth March 19 

dynamic earth March 19 B

Our Final workshop was “Volcanoes”, where Form 5 looked at the various types of volcanoes, their many styles of eruptions and some of the tephra, (the umbrella term for any volcanically erupted material) from real volcanoes. All the workshops were really hands on and Form 5 excelled themselves in all aspects of the visit, from first-rate behaviour to participation across the board. It was a real treat for us as staff to accompany such a lovely bunch of children on such an engaging field trip.

dynamic earth March 19C

dynamic earth March C

Mr Brown


Jules Birdsall, 12/03/2019